Socks is about 10 years old (we think)

Spends all day sleeping on the cat tower until food is presented

Enjoys bathing in the sun, long naps, and occasionally moving only to accomodate the perfect sleeping position

Favorite Food: Anything but chicken (she's allergic)

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Book: Six of Crows (she keeps stepping on it so we take that as an answer)

Hobbies: Being left alone, drooling, hiding under the bed or in the shelves, squeaking and honking in lieu of meowing

Fun Facts:

  • She lived under a house for 8 years before she was rescued; somehow fought raccoons and lived to tell the tale
  • Her balance is impeccable, she'll only fall twice a day
  • Tail is naturally only 3 inches long (vets confirmed she was just born like that)
  • Also goes by the nickname "Little Lady Fat Lip"